Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I don't know what is causing Boo to wilt.  The paleness, the loss of appetite, quick to tire...I fuss a little but just when I stand on the edge of real worry she seems to recover.  Like yesterday, she was ill looking & acting all day but following gymnastic practice the color had returned to her face. 
About 2 weeks now I have been seeing this building & fading.  What is this? a funny little bug? or something else?
I looked around our life: we are too busy. Boo is not one to complain so it is hard to tell but in my heart I believe it is a low grade infection or virus.  This child normal does not get sick and if she does she recovers so fast.  This is not normal for her.  I'd say: too busy is not working.  Time to make changes...   
The first thing to my mind is the schedule.  It is a good schedule & it works well BUT right now it is time to take the sharp edges off, carve home deeper into school.  Time to meet the new Dr. for a little check-up.  Time to boost the food she is eating in sneaky ways. 
This is what I love about home schooling.  I don't have to send a note that makes me sound totally crazy asking the teacher to take it easy on my daughter due to random unsubstantiated complaints of a phantom illness, request the cafeteria offer hot & sour soup and add chickpeas, applesauce, shredded zucchini, or pumpkin puree to all baked goods, ask for more time in the quiet of the library, more nature walks, soft music, and afternoon naps if you can get her to take them...  Around here we adapt with one little look, no notes needed. 
Soup sure sounds nice today.     

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  1. And isn't it so awesome to be able to know your child well enough to catch onto that before it does turn into something full blown?

    We love soup. Well, I love soup and everyone else tolerates it :)